Arts Seminar

The Hashimoto Communication Arts Seminar hosts professional designers on a weekly basis. These professionals come from universities and design agencies around the state and across the country to tell their stories, interact with students, and review portfolios. They are CEOs, creative directors, art directors, design directors, and designers. They work in professions ranging from advertising to editorial design, product design, packaging design, web design, game design, sound design, animation, video, and motion graphics.  The seminar series is an invaluable opportunity for our students and the larger USU community to be exposed to the successes, struggles, and practices of the professional world.

Spring 2019 Speakers

  • Aaron Draplin, JANUARY 24
  • Carol Ann Sogard, FEBRUARY 28
  • Ben Barnes, MARCH 21
  • Nick Kuder, MARCH 28
  • Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, APRIL 4
  • Lucille Tenazas, APRIL 18

Visiting Artists

Spring 2019

Aaron Draplin
Carol Ann Sogard
Ben Barnes
Nick Kuder
Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont
Lucille Tenazas

Fall 2018

Lonnie Anderson
David Habben
Alex Proudfit
Matt Ross
Katie Tingey
Kellyn Bailey Allen

Spring 2018

John Smith
Hilary Wolfe
Nick Hansen
Ben Evjen
Nic Annette Miller
Keetra Dixon

Fall 2017

Megan Bell
Heidi Neilson
April Greiman
Holly Johnson
Cameron Raterink
David Young & Kent Miller

Spring 2017

BT Livermore
Nate Scott & Alex Spunt
Thomas Campbell
Cam Carter
Jan Wilkerson
Jim Godfrey
Darlin van Uden

Fall 2016

Kevin Perry
Rick Valicenti
Tyler Tolson
Bryon Darby
Glen Edwards
Nick Mendoza

Spring 2016

Charles Beneke
Lonnie Anderson
Chris Wawrinkofsky
Chuck Landvatter
Michelle Doughterty

Fall 2015

Tim Tomlinson
Matt Daines
Tosh Brown
Adam Leestma & Sage Perrot
Devin Howells & Partners
Brooke Bells

Spring 2015

Jesse Crowley
Kory Fenton
Zach Winegar
Cassie Klingler
Matt Snyder
Jess Ung


The Graphic Design Program at USU offers workshops every semester with highly influential and famous designers. They inspire and encourage students to try new things and to climb to new heights in their own design practice.

Rick Valicenti

3st Design, Chicago, IL

Lucille Tenazas

Tenazas Design, New York

Jan Wilker

karlssonwilker inc, New York, NY

April Greiman

Made In Space, CA

Aaron Draplin

Draplin Design Co., OR

Lonnie Anderson

Dubai’s Most Romantic Man

Elliot Earls

Artist-in-Residence, Cranbrook Academy

Michelle Dougherty

Director, Imaginary Forces

Keetra Dixon

Keetra Dean Dixon, RISD faculty